What’s in a name? The reason I named Uccellino Uccellino!

Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Blog, Susan LeVine

From a marketing standpoint Uccellino is the worse name to call a business. It is hard to pronounce and it is at the end of the alphabet.

What did I know? I named Uccellino, pronounced ooch a lee no, Uccellino because I love birds and it means little bird in Italian. Why birds? Why Italian?

Well, birds according to some Native Americans are the messengers between heaven and earth. They believe seeing a bird or any animal is a sign from above and every animal or bird or fish has a meaning. If one sees a red cardinal in the snow, it means that prosperity is on its way.

I think birds light the world with their song and beauty, they are delicate, made of feathers yet often fierce. They are not the wimps of the universe. Sometimes they are master architects, like the oriole and often courageously fly long distances every year weathering all kinds of conditions like a hummingbird. I could go on and on and probably will at a later post.

Why Italian? Well, I did live in Italy for a year and I love the language. it’s poetic and beautiful. If I could I would rename Uccellino but what would I name it? Birds have become so popular since I started with Uccellino in 1997. Now there are birds on every product known to man or woman.

I almost didn’t include this part but the truth is someone told me that Uccellino is slang for something in Italian which I won’t mention here. This made me sad because I love the way Uccellino sounds when pronounced correctly but I want it’s meaning to be pure and reflective of what it means to me.

If anyone has any ideas for names please let me know!