The saving power of nature.

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Twenty years ago I was living in a suburb of Chicago. I was married and loved my husband and the life we shared. There was a piece of me that was not fulfilled or being expressed in my life, but I was content. Yet, I had an aching feeling that something was not right. Ultimately […]

Bird visitors

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Over the last three days I have been working on a project that I finally finished; but everyday a different Warbler or Vireo came to my studio window. I want to paint them all! I mean, how fortunate am I to see them prancing around right in front of my window! First was a female […]

Yoga bird pose series

Yoga bird pose series

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Hermit Thrush

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Today I saw a sign of autumn and heard it’s sweet song. The Hermit Thrush has several legends but my favorite recalls the elegy that Walt Whitman wrote for Abraham Lincoln, When Lilac’s Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d. The Hermit Thush,who has such a beautiful song, was meant to be a symbol of the American voice. Burroughs […]


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A few years ago I wrote a book called Don’t let your stars get muddy and other things you need to know to take care of your creative soul. I wrote this book in the middle of the night when I was frustrated with learning computer skills. My soul went under cover once many years […]

Western Bluebird

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When I used to visit my parents in Chattanooga , TN. I always knew where I might spot a bluebird. Walking to that vision was one of the first things I would do after I arrived there. Sometimes I would get to the point where I knew I could spot them and they wouldn’t be […]