Trees are calling!

Posted by on Jun 17, 2015 in Blog, Susan LeVine

levine_olive_webI have always been fascinated with trees. There life force is so pure and visible. Who doesn’t feel better after spending time among trees? Yet here in California we have been suffering from a drought. As I am thinking about our crops and whether I  can take my much loved baths, I think about the trees. Are they the last to be thought of when we are rationing out water?  They are the givers in our world; giving shade, a home for a bird or two and so much more that we take for granted. Sometimes I walk or hike and get a view of a tree that is especially forceful to be noticed in my vision. Perhaps its the tree’s beauty or the way it stretches it’s branches skyward or the very soul that seems to vibrate from it’s being that communicates in a way that gives me pause to notice it’s existence. So for this I have started a series of trees, I hope that they will inspire you to stop and notice the trees in your world.