The symbolism in nature expands and enhances our experience of life

Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Birds and Nature, Blog, Susan LeVine

Why is the bald eagle a symbol of America or why are blue birds the symbol of happiness? Poets have looked for the meaning of ordinary elements of nature and have revealed a world unseen. The meaning that we place on nature gives more meaning to our own lives. Have you ever read a Robert Frost poem or a Mary OliverĀ  poem, to name a few? Poets take the unseen world and bring it to light. When I was lonelier than lonely it was the world of nature that gave me solace. Seeing the deer cross in the ravine during a winter storm lit by a full moon was as heavenly to me as anything could be. I paint birds and things in nature because when I have the pleasure of witnessing them in nature I have to share them. There are many books about nature and it’sĀ  symbols but my favorite go to book about nature and its meaning is Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews. I love this book! I think that reading this book inspired me to make many of my Uccellino products. I was so busy when Uccellino was thriving that I only had time to read poetry and so I read a lot of poetry! I had poetry books all over my house and anytime I had a spare moment I read a poem. This was before words with friends or iphones or other distractions. So now when I see a new visitor in my garden, it isn’t just a bird but a teacher to show me something that I need to know.