Painting dreams

Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Blog, Susan LeVine

When I paint birds or landscapes I have an agenda, a plan before I paint. Usually I am painting them so someone else can enjoy the painting. I already have had my enjoyment during the process of painting. However,when I paint dreams it’s because I am looking for an answer to something within me or just want to paint for the joy of it. Usually this happens in the bathtub when it doesn’t have to count. As one can see, sometimes I write and then I paint over the words. This image was about a dream that I had of feeding sweet potato to an orange whale. This whale came back to me in another dream and talked to me. I know, this doesn’t make sense but that’s ok. It was a dream and if I pay attention to my dreams maybe a product or a children’s story and a something that my sub-conscious is trying to tell me will come through.