Let me tell you a little story about birds

Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Birds and Nature, Blog

A little story? Who am I kidding. I have so many stories about birds. An awareness of birds and nature can change a life.

For instance there was the time when I was selling my bird and nature art at the Santa Barbara beach art show, and everyone who came by my booth had a story to tell me about birds. This is a story from that time:

They live on the prairie in Colorado. Sometimes they see lazuli bunting and when they do they stop whatever they are doing. Once, in the field, the man saw a golden eagle and it had a seven foot wing span. The man told me his great aunt was an ornithologist in Wisconsin. He spent two months with her and learned about birds. She also was a professor of lickens and one was named after her. She had discovered it in a cave in Alaska. When the man drifted off, his wife Jeanne told me that knowing about birds had made a better man out of him. They bought a western sandpiper painting from me to take home to their house in the prairie. Their bodies were identical in shape, even though Jeanne’s was the female version. Jeanne had super thick red hair and he had not much hair with a cap on top. It made me wonder if mates with the same bodies are better mates- just wondered, that’s all. I mean you never see a cardinal with a chickadee.