I am so happy to be a www!

Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Blog, Susan LeVine

Over the years I had a website for Uccellino and I had a website for my commissioned art but I have never had a website that combines everything! I know that someone looking at my website may think that I am all over the board because my expressions are not consistent to one style but it all comes from the same place. I try different things and some days I want to say one thing and another day I want to express something else. Creativity is like that, there are lots of ways to embrace your spirit and make something to share with others.

For me art making is something I do for others and something I do to remind myself that life is beautiful and funny and so many things to celebrate. I also know that there is much pain in this world and yet we can still notice nature, or look at the world in a new way. Maybe for that moment when we do listen to nature or be like a child or see a different viewpoint or find humor in the goofiest of things our lives can be changed.