Clever Bird Cards

Posted by on Feb 10, 2017 in Susan LeVine

I have always loved making cards for my friends and loved ones. When I was in high school I was the cartoonist for the school paper. Using words and illustrations together always worked together in my brain. I thought I would be a natural for the New Yorker but it took many years before I had the nerve to send any cartoons to them. I finally sent them some last year. I was rejected for the first batch that I sent. I haven’t sent anymore yet and one day I will. One thing I have realized about myself and my expression is that I am not good at sarcasm or mean commentary. I am not edgy or in your face even though that may be fashionable, it is not me. I started Clever Bird Cards last year. Though I was an artist and writer for Recycled Paper Greetings making cards in America from my designs and words was new. I found a great printer who uses vegetable dyes and recycled paper. Everything seemed to fall into place. I spend so much time painting birds and looking at birds that I find humor in their behavior and because I love them so much it is easy for me to¬†anthropomorphize them. My intention¬†in everything I make has always been to lift spirits and enhance the celebrations of life. It has been my goal in my products, my art and my illustrations. It is what I do best. I hope that I continue to serve in this way. I hope that my illustrations and verse bring a smile and maybe a chuckle to you.