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In high school I was the cartoonist for the school paper. I have never quite left this kind of art.  Humor is  a great survival technique. Who doesn’t enjoy making someone laugh or smile? I know that I do. So, I will be posting some humorous pieces and I will be selling them as cards and prints […]

Yoga bird pose series

Yoga bird pose series

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Trees are calling!

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I have always been fascinated with trees. There life force is so pure and visible. Who doesn’t feel better after spending time among trees? Yet here in California we have been suffering from a drought. As I am thinking about our crops and whether I  can take my much loved baths, I think about the trees. Are […]

crow rescue

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Last summer I heard some crows making a huge racket outside on my porch so I ran outside to find one of their chicks behind a chair. I called the bird rescue to ask if I should bring her in, only to find that they had a huge overflow of crows. The woman on the […]

Don’t let your stars get muddy and other things you need to know to take care of your creative soul.

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I haven’t blogged for months. I don’t know if anyone reads my blogs but if there is even just one person who is waiting for me to write one then I am sorry for not writing one sooner. This winter besides getting both of my hips replaced I started the graphic design program at SBCC. […]

Sketchbook Project

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Some how I got an email that called for all artists everywhere to summit a sketchbook for a project created by the Brooklyn art library (check out, www.sketchbookproject.com or arthouse co-op). The library promised to provide sketchbooks and and they promised to tour these sketchbooks all over our country. The topics were unlimited, they could […]